Modular System

The basic modules described at "Seminars" above are aimed at the most common communication tasks. Together with our partners, we are able to cover all the relevant issues in ways that are customized to your precise needs. Our seminars are provided in German, French, English and Russian!

Training Concepts
In the time leading up to EURO 2008, Dan Wiener and Raymond Fein developed a Training Concept for Switzerland Tourism. The objective was to prepare a wide spectrum of participants for their role as hosts by looking at topics such as security, fan behavior and foreign cultures. The most challenging parts of the task were aligning the contents to the wide target audience and the prospect of getting even less experienced trainers to succeed in conveying these topics.

Company Culture
Our experience with many different companies from many different sectors shows that it often does not suffice to redefine the core values of a company at board level but that it mainly depends on internal communication whether the new core values are accepted. Perception of a new approach also largely depends on how these values are communicated in external communication. Multi-level training and coaching on all levels of the company, from management down to the basis of customer consultants, may effectively support this type of cultural change.

New Tasks - New Challenges
A rise in the hierarchy or a new field of activity not only bring new responsibilities but also new tasks connected to internal and external contact. Individual coaching permits a deliberate improvement of your competence of appearance in compliance
with the more demanding requirements.