What are your strengths? Where do you want to develop new skills?

Here you find a list with the main skills you might want to acquire (depending on your position and responsibility) in one of our trainings:

What are your strengths? What areas could you improve?
The following list contains the required communicative skills of an expert (depending on hierarchy, tasks and responsibilities). All these topics are covered by our range of seminar modules.

Presentation Competence: 
• Confidence when appearing before a group

• Professional presentation of ideas, concepts and offers to groups of decision makers 

• Methodical structure of a speech

Competence of Appearance: 
• Dealing with challenging partners
• Communication at executive level
• Specific communication with various discussion partners

• Knowledge of human nature

Negotiating Competence: 
• Entrepreneurial and salespeople’s focus
• Result-oriented negotiation strategies
• From USP to 3DSP (Aligning your range with customer needs)
• Dealing with objections and complaint management
• Finalization of negotiations

Meeting Competence: 
• Efficient chairing of meetings.

• Competent moderation of problem-solving, creative and decision sequences
• Dealing with specific conflicts in group dynamic situations

Management Competence: 
• Management tools
• Supporting and challenging employees
• Motivation strategies

• Superiors as trainer / coach of their employees

Project Competence: 
• Project control
• Managing project teams
• Self-organization and time management

Media Competence: 
• Brief, concise statements
• Placing core messages
• Controversial interviews

Intercultural Competence: 
• The individual approach in a intercultural context
• The three steps to understanding with codes, communication signals, situation and the awareness for the common denominator
• Corporate Culture and Integration