Cross-cultural Communication
Cross-cultural communication has gained considerable importance in recent years. Many of the courses and teaching modules dealing with the subject limit themselves to providing hints on how to behave when in contact with other countries. On a practical level, this approach often doesn't go far enough, because cultural assimilation is increasing worldwide and other cultural categories are expanding across borders.

Thanks to a teaching assignment at the University of Basel, in addition to both his experience on the international stage and his multilingualism, Dan Wiener was able to develop a sophisticated new seminar module on the subject.

Tridimensional communication
People think, feel and act according to their personal communication style, their values and their culture. In order to communicate more successfully it is therefore sensible to convince, associate and impress people purposefully.
The tridimensional communication model “3DC-Model” was created in the early 1980' within the Kissling-Institite network (today 3DC-Academy). It defines three different, yet equally important, communication styles: “Actional”, “Rational”, “Emotional”.

Applying the „3DC-Model“ allows you, both on a methodical and a practical level, ...
... to recognize different communication styles and motives
... to reflect on your own communication spectrum, whilst broadening and developing it in a positive way
... to address partners in a talk, individually or in a group, through a discriminating approach

The model is gender neutral, transcultural and is characterized by its:
• practicability: Simply learnt and quickly implemented
• focus on communication: Contrasting other models the focus of which is on a person’s character or suitability
• methodology: Separating communicational content and style of communication

The model was developed on the scientific basis of Herrmann Holliger's work on the general morphology of behaviour control, an argumentation software based on the Transactional Analysis by Mathias Szilas, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi's pedagogical approach and, last but not least, many years of practical experience gained by the network members.

Experience and Practical Relevance

Dan Wiener is a partner in the network of the 3DC-Academy which, for more than 20 years, has given support to a wide spectrum of well-known organizations, companies and individuals with customized communication training and coaching, as well as in the development of communication strategies.
The main strength of the network are its specialists from various areas. The jointly developed methods are based on wide experience and show high practical relevance.



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