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Since he can remember himself, Dan Wiener has lived with cultural differences. His ancestors came from seven different countries. As a communication trainer who is active around the globe, he encounters very different worlds every day. Companies also have very diverse company cultures and, in turn, the people involved have the most varied personal communication expectations.

Cultural diversity can be seen as a big problem but also as a fascinating enrichment. After all, our society has become more multicultural and diverse as a result of migration and globalisation. Dan Wiener treasures the opportunity to foster exchange and understanding in organisations and companies.

The coach and artist shows how cultural differences can mark the beginning of enriching journeys and processes of fruitful integration, instead of serving as conflict-ridden dividing lines.

This book offers short essays and background for a deeper understanding of cultural contexts. It contains tips on how to live in a world shaped by diversity with more awareness and purpose. In the end, the author presents concrete integration examples from the community, international politics and business, school, social services, and healthcare. A systematic approach in three steps: culture, diversity, and integration.

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