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A Guide to Self-Determined Actions

Individual responsibility is the basis of a successful and fulfilled life. It is considered a matter of course in today’s professional world. But not everyone is able to cope with the freedom that comes with it. We are too used to placing responsibility on each other. We feel that we are limited by others’ opinions, adverse circumstances, or even destiny. The key to freeing ourselves from this plethora of limitations lies in a successful management of oneself.

In this book, Dan Wiener succeeds in making us face issues we like to avoid. He patiently guides us step-by-step from the vision through the planning to the achievement of our goal. As an artist, author and management trainer the author knows all too well the pitfalls, stumbling blocks and inner temptations on a path to self-determination. As a seminar instructor and consultant he has found time and again that he is not alone in this. The tools and tips that he provides, supported by numerous examples, are also very practical. Manage Yourself, Before Others Do is a valuable guide for how to approach your daily professional tasks in a more self-determined, dynamic and satisfied manner.

About the Author

Dan Wiener has over 30 years of stage experience as an actor/musician and is the winner of the “Salzburger Stier” award, the most prestigious cabaret prize in the German-speaking world. As a communication trainer, he has shared his well-founded expertise with leading companies since 2001. Alongside his consulting activities, he holds seminars on all the relevant communication topics, including presentation and leadership skills.

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